Mission and Vision


Provide free and equal access to information, ideas, books and technology to educate, engage, and enrich the Stamford community.


The Ferguson Library helps individuals and organizations achieve success in an effort to build a strong, vibrant and inclusive community.


Our Foundational Principles

Intellectual Freedom and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Underlying the Ferguson Library’s mission and vision is our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as the belief that intellectual freedom is the cornerstone of our democracy.  Our values are reflected in how we serve the community and how we work together.

How We Serve Our Community

We serve our users equitably by providing access to resources for personal growth and lifelong learning.  Our collections and services reflect our diverse community, and we encourage the sharing of diverse point of views to broaden our minds and strengthen relationships.  We form partnerships to support the work of other organizations whose goal is to help people lead their best lives.

How We Work Together

We hold ourselves accountable for providing exceptional service.  Our culture is based on trust and respect, and we work collaboratively to leverage our individual strengths.  We strive to be purposefully inclusive and anti-racist, and we provide opportunities to everyone who is part of the library organization to grow and be successful.

Our Commitment to Becoming an Anti-Racist Organization

Our CEO has established and communicated that anti-racism is a priority of the library.  This important communication will be codified in a written statement, drafted with input from library staff, for adoption of the Board of Trustees