Test Proctoring Request

The library will proctor written or online exams. There is no charge for this service.

It is the responsibility of the student to contact the library and make an appointment to take the proctored test.

We agree to allow students to take exams at the library subject to the following restrictions:

  • This service is for Stamford residents only
  • Before the student enters the exam room, the librarian on duty will read all the instructions provided by the university.
  • Under no circumstances will the librarian(s) be responsible for physically monitoring or proctoring the exam, nor will they provide any materials or other information services.
  • All students taking exams are strictly on the honor system. We provide only the space and signature to verify that the exam has been taken on the premises.

For more information, please call (203) 351-8220.

Preferred Contact Method
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