For a complete guide to public transportation in Stamford, please see:

Getting on Board (CT-DOT guide)


Other free or low-cost local transportation options:

ADA Paratransit System


Phone: Reservations: 203-288-6643 OR 203-299-7067; Office: 203-288-6282

Hours: Monday-Sunday schedules close to public bus route. Rides can be scheduled between 5:30am-11:30pm. Reservation department is available from 9am-5pm seven days a week.

Accessibility: Vans are wheelchair accessible

Population Served: Must have permanent, temporary or conditional disability (developmental or physical) which prevents use of regular bus system; no age restriction; no income/asset restriction; not necessary to be on SSI or SSD

Referral/Drop In: Membership required; Must complete application form; Application requires that person explain his/her disability and why it makes it impossible to use public transportation; Once approved, reservations can be made from 1-7 days in advance, Monday-Sunday.

Cost(s): Set fee (subject to change, call for more information). No fee for personal care attendants.

Transportation for any purpose for individuals with developmental or physical disabilities that prevent them from being able to use the regular public transportation system. The person’s disability can be permanent, temporary, or conditional. (A conditional disability is one that exists under certain conditions; for example, at night, or when the temperature is very high, or very low.) Routes and schedules closely follow public bus route.

SAGA Support Services (City of New Haven includes in its catchment, Stamford)

165 Church Street, 1stFloor

New Haven, CT


Fax: 203-946-7629

Referral/Drop In: No drop-in/walk-in service. If you do not have a case manager of any kind, call the SAGA office at the phone number above to request an appointment. If you are already receiving services from your provider (such as a homeless shelter or work preparation program), your program must fax documentation of the services you are receiving (see below).

How to Refer a Client: Documentation must be on agency letterhead and include the following types of information unique to the individual being served:

  • Basis of working relationship under which agency is providing services to active SAGA clients (such as case management, SA counseling, mental health services).
  • Frequency of need, number of times in a week the client attends scheduled appointments with agency, and/or appointments that can be verified by agency through its working relationship with clients.
  • Identify alternate transportation resources being pursued on the client’s behalf and/or available to the agency. We do check with funding sources regarding this component of service.
  • Full name, title, phone number and signature of the agency representative preparing the referral document.
  • Referring agency should call 203-946-8523 to arrange for scheduling of appointments (Walk-ins not accepted).

Individuals who are on SAGA, do not have income, reside in New Haven’s SAGA’s “catchment area” and are not receiving any of the transportation assistance listed above may request assistance from this program.


Phone: 1-855-478-7350


Eligibility: You must be active on Title 19 medical (HUSKY A, C, D/Medicaid) with the state. If you are fully qualified for SSD/SSI as a “disabled” individual, you should be eligible.

Referral/ Drop In: Call for information or consult your healthcare provider or case worker.

Individuals who are disabled and covered by HUSKY/Medicaid may be able to get assistance from VEYO for transportation to and from treatment and non-emergency medical appointments.