Baby's First Books

Grow a reader at the Ferguson Library

The Ferguson Library encourages you to read 100 books to your baby in their first year. Reading helps children build language, literacy, and social-emotional skills. The American Association of Pediatrics recommends reading aloud starting at birth, as it’s never too early to start reading with your baby.

As participants of Baby’s First Books, parents will receive a tote bag along with a folder to keep track of the books they read and listen to with baby. For each 25 books read and recorded, parents will visit the library and receive a sticker to add to the Garden of Readers wall in the Children’s Library. They will also receive a new sheet to record their next 25 books. Each child who completes the program by listening to 100 books will receive a board book and have the opportunity to add a caterpillar with their name to the Garden of Readers.

Baby's First Books is supported by KPMG and the Friends of the Ferguson Library.

Special thanks to children's book illustrator Nancy Elizabeth Wallace for the use of her artwork.

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