Library Collections

The Adult Basic Reading and Literacy materials address the needs of English learners and TEFL/TESOL teachers. The Ferguson Library offers variety of books and audio-visual materials for English Language learners.
The collection focuses on materials for general reader, including:

  • Color coding key that reads "Books for English Language Learners: Dictionary, Vocabulary, Language Activities, Life Skills, Conversations, Speaking, Grammar, Easy Reading (Fiction and Nonfiction), Teaching Materials"
    American and English classics
  • Dictionaries
  • Contemporary books that help improve reading comprehension
  • Wide selection of books on different subjects, including math, health, jobs, citizenship, etc.

The books and audio materials are located on the 3rd floor. DVDs are located in the lower level.

For easy access we divided this collection by smaller categories. Each category is color coded, and the legend with category names and the corresponding color dots is located next to the collection on the 3rd floor.

  • Dictionaries/Vocabulary – orange dot
  • Language Activities / Life Skills – green dot
  • Conversations/ Speaking – hot pink dot
  • Grammar/Writing/Composition – yellow lime dot
  • Easy Reading (Fiction & Nonfiction) – dark blue dot
  • Teaching Materials – purple dot

The books within each category are shelved by call numbers. Exception is an Easy Reading section – the books there are alphabetized by author’s last name.

Search and Browse

All books are tagged by the categories, and you can find which section they belong if you look at the tags while you have the record in the screen.

Tags are hyperlinked and by clicking on them, you will be able to find other books in the category.

Tags for categories:

  • ell – language activities – life skills
  • ell – dictionaries – vocabulary
  • ell conversations
  • ell – grammar
  • ell – easy reading
  • ell – teaching materials

To conduct keyword search, type “ell – grammar”. To browse, type “ell” to see all the books in ABR collection and then you can browse either by category or by the title/author.
If you are looking for particular book, type the title or author and then check the record for a community tag, to see which category this book belongs to.

Tags catalog screenshot
Tags catalog screenshot