Meeting Room Fees & Charges

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Meeting Room Fees

1. Type of organization:

501 (c)(3) not-for-profit community organization (Copy of valid 501 (c)(3) certificate will be required)

Type of meeting: Educational, cultural, civic, social or recreational meeting open to the public without charge.
Time of meeting: During regular library hours ***
Applicable fee: No charge for room rental 
AV technicians and/or AV equipment rental fees still apply, regardless of not-for-profit status. Please see Charges for AV Services & Equipment below.


2. Type of organization: Business enterprises and other for-profit organizations.
Type of meeting: Business related events, private meetings, or training sessions.
Time of meeting: During regular library hours ***
Applicable fees:
  • Main Library Dudley N. Williams, Jr. Auditorium (Capacity 250)
    • $200/hr
  • Main Library Mary Gail Malloy Rotary Room (Capacity 15)
    • $100/hr
  • Harry Bennett Branch Auditorium (Capacity 80-110)
    • $150/hr
  • Harry Bennett Branch Abate Room (Capacity 15-20)
    • $100/hr
  • Weed Branch Community Room (Capacity 25)
    • $100/hr
  • Main Library Ann. M. Sexton Board Room (Capacity 25-40)
    • $150/hr
  • Main Library Technology Center
    • $150/hr


*** Before Opening & After Closing Hours

For programs that need time outside of regular library hours there is a charge to maintain the required minimum staffing of one building services person, one library staff member and one security guard. The total overtime hourly rate for all three staff personnel is $105/hr charged to all programs regardless of not-for-profit status.


Charges for Equipment & Services

Room Set-Up

  • Seating
    • No charge
  • Tables
    • No charge
  • Podium
    • No charge

A/V Equipment

  • Wireless Handheld Microphone
    • $25
  • Lavaliere Microphone
    • $25
  • Audio Set-up only
    • $25
  • AV Technician
    • $50/hr – 2 hours minimum (Required for recording, broadcasting, Zoom and hybrid meeting set-ups - including audio set-up)
  • Laptop
    • $25
  • Blu-ray/DVD/CD Player
    • $25
  • Piano Rental & Tuning (Main Library auditorium only)
    • $250

Revised 2/16/2024

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