Internet Use Policy

Internet Access in Youth Areas

As with other library materials, a minor’s use of the Internet is principally the responsibility of the minor’s parent or guardian. They should explore the Internet with the minor and provide guidance.  Parents and guardians will find great sites and information for youngsters and teens posted on the library’s website.

There are dedicated computer terminals in the youth services area which provide

filtered access to the Internet. These terminals are principally for the use of minors (and their accompanying parent or adult care giver). These terminals may be used without formal parental permission. However, the library cannot guarantee that any filtering system will actually prevent access to all material that might be considered objectionable.

Occasionally, adults are permitted access to the dedicated computer terminals in the children’s area, provided that, such access does not interfere with use by children and teens.

Internet Access in Adult Areas

The dedicated computer terminals in the adult services areas also filter access to the Internet.  However, the filtering program in adult services is not as comprehensive as the filtering in youth services.

The dedicated computer terminals in adult services are available to all library users. Therefore, since filtering in this area differs from the filters in youth services, parents may wish to provide specific guidance to minors who plan to take advantage of Internet service in the adult area.

Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources

It is the Library’s policy to protect users’ confidentiality. Library users should be aware, however, that a library may be required to disclose data related to usage of computer terminals when it is served with a valid subpoena or court order.

The Library’s Internet computer terminals are in public areas shared by persons of all ages. Thus, all users should refrain from accessing potentially offensive information or images.

Users should take care that their actions are consistent with Library policies which prohibit harassing, libeling or threatening communications, accessing material that is obscene (in accordance with established constitutional and statutory principles), or that constitutes child pornography, and using electronic resources in violation of applicable law.

Internet privileges may be suspended if usage of these electronic resources if not consistent with this policy.


The library has received funding from the federal Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) to purchase hotspots, laptops and chromebooks. Any ECF supported equipment and services can only be provided to patrons who declare they do not have access to the equipment or services sufficient to access the internet.

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