The Annual Stamford Literary Competition

The Stamford Literary Competition 2023 header: 38 Years of Great Writing

Entrance Guidelines


Students in grades 3-12 who live in or attend school in Stamford.


Fiction, non-fiction, poetry. Entries judged separately for Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grades 7-8, Grades 9-10, Grades 11-12.


Each student may submit only one entry per category.
Each student may submit entries in two categories only.


Entries must be original work of one individual author.


Fiction entries limited to 1500 words.
Non-fiction limited to 1500 words.
Poetry limited to two pages.
Entries that exceed the limit will not be submitted to the judges.


Entries must be in English, typed, single-spaced, using a simple 10-point font.
NO color text.
NO illustrations.
NO staples.
Word docs only.


Entry form must be attached to the online submission form.
Only Word docs will be accepted.
Please use the name of your entry as the name of your Word doc.
A separate entry form is required for each submission.


All entries must be submitted no later than February 10, 2023.

Winners will be notified.

Judging Guidelines


There may be four winners in each category: First, second, third place, and one honorable mention.

Creativity (50%)

Insightful content based on personal experience and/or issues of personal interest. Originality and appropriateness of topic are essential.

Structure (25%)

Organization: Clarity of thought, clear focus, coherent expression, development of theme (opening, development, closing).
Fiction: Present and resolve conflict or problem affecting characters.
Non-Fiction: Logical development with supporting arguments or examples.
Poetry: Indicate understanding of forma and structure, and demonstrate command of the elements of poetry.

Technique (25%)

Accuracy in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Ability to use punctuation conventionally or for effect. Language appropriate to subject and audience. Proper use of vocabulary - appropriate choice of words. Variety of sentence structure. Presentation should be neat, easy to follow, easy to read, with clear, clean margins.

Submission Form

Entire form must be completed to qualify.

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