Speaker Peggy S. Bud

Peggy S. Bud

Bridging the Communication Divide

Peggy Bud, Founder of Speaking Skillfully, helps senior leaders bridge the communication divide by learning how to navigate their own bias and the bias of others. Through customized training, leadership is able to build diverse, inclusive, and equitable organizations. She hones clients’ executive presence across all platforms, helping them effectively communicate verbally, nonverbally, vocally, and when listening. ‘It’s more than what you; it’s how you say it’ is her motto. She has spoken at National Conferences, Women’s Summits, libraries, and for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.
Ideal target audience: Private Equity Principals and Directors, Business Leaders, Managers and HR Directors

Speaker Mitch Tublin

Mitch Tublin

Mitch Tublin speaks with groups all over the world. His main topics are within the category of values based leadership, how to communicate effectively, giving feedback, emotional intelligence in the workplace, lean techniques and mindset for startups and new idea implementation. Mitch Tublin is the owner of a boutique consulting company that has a main focus on leadership development, business strategy and executive coaching. He draws on his extensive experience in corporate roles, entrepreneurial ventures, military training and participation in competitive sports.