Historical Treasures to be Found in the Library Digital Archive

Looking for materials covering Stamford history? The Ferguson Library Digital Archive is worth checking out for its trove of historical documents covering daily life going back to the early 19th century. No library card needed.

You can browse through various digitized collections like the Carl Lobozza photographs of historic Stamford. Explore what Stamford was like before the early 1960s in the Stamford Urban Renewal collection. The Rosalind Duncan collection highlights the fight to prevent the construction of I-95 through the city. The archive's latest collection features videos and publicity from the Director's View Film Festival that brought the glitz and glamor of Hollywood to Stamford.

A noteworthy project in the archive is the opportunity for residents to tell their Stamford stories, an effort to capture the city's history through its residents. Photos and memorabilia are also welcome. Simply contact Frank Skornia if you are interested in sharing your memories of growing up in Stamford.

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