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Directory of Training Providers in Fairfield County

Published by The Business Council of Fairfield County

as a component of the One Coast, One Future Initiative

One Landmark Square

Stamford, CT 06901


About The Directory

The Directory is a publication of the
JobsNet Council, a managed network of resource
organizations. It is designed to be a resource for Fairfield
County residents seeking opportunities to improve
their skills and find employment and for employers seeking to
upgrade the skills of their employees. The Directory
provides brief profiles, including contact information,
of community based organizations, higher education
institutions, proprietary schools, government agencies, and
locally focused job boards which employers can use to
post available jobs. It also describes the types of
training offered, post-employment support, training funds
available for specific occupations, and contact names
and phone numbers for each organization.

For more information, please contact:

The Business Council of Fairfield County at 203-359-3220.

About One Coast, One Future

JobsNet Council is a component of the One Coast, One Future
initiative, a cooperative effort between the public
and private sectors in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Its
focus is to stimulate economic growth, job creation and
individual economic opportunity by linking the Coastal
Fairfield County region’s business centers in a new and
stronger alliance for their mutual benefit. The One
Coast, One Future initiative is a partnership of the
Bridgeport Regional Business Council and the Business
Council of Fairfield County in cooperation with the Greater
Norwalk Chamber of Commerce.

The One Coast/One Future Initiative of
Coastal Fairfield County is funded through a grant from the
U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). SBA’s
funding should not be construed as an endorsement of any
products, opinions, or services. All SBA-funded projects are
extended to the public on a nondiscriminatory

About JobsNet

The region has both a labor and a talent
shortage that is projected to grow significantly over the
next 15 years. The high cost of living and severe
highway congestion limit the region’s ability to recruit
workers through relocation or longer distance commuting.
While we are fortunate to be an international
immigration magnet, the arriving workforce does not fit
easily into the available positions in our
knowledge-based, technology-driven economy. Most importantly,
most immigrants have a lack of English language
proficiency and a poor skills fit with well paying jobs in
the local labor market. The problem is exacerbated
by fragmented media markets, limited mass transit services,
and municipally-focused support networks
(community-based organizations, libraries adult education
programs, etc.) in a regionally-focused labor
market. The impending retirements of “boomers” will make the
problem even more difficult to solve.

JobsNet is a managed network of resource
organizations that will help employers recruit, train and
retain employees. Its activities are directed by the JobsNet
Council, a team of employers, training providers,
educational institutions, constituent services groups, and
public agencies.

The JobsNet initiative links resources
and opportunities to the needs of employers and workers.
Three industries have been identified as having immediate
and growing labor needs: retail, health care and
financial services. In the short term, improved information
sharing will reduce some of the current labor
market inefficiencies. Longer term, the initiative will seek
to build a workforce community culture that views
all vacancies as entry points into a regional career ladder,
while training and education opportunities will be
tailored not just to assure entry-level proficiency, but
also to enable upward mobility.

More information is available at

Directory of Training Providers in Fairfield County

Community Organizations

Action for Bridgeport Community Development, Inc (ABCD)
- ABCD is a full service community organization
serving the residents of Bridgeport, Fairfield, Stratford,
Easton, Trumbull and Monroe in northern and mid-Fairfield
County. It offers a range of services to families
including: early learning (family literacy and Head Start);
winter fuel oil, utility heating bills and
winterization assistance; eviction, foreclosure and first
month rent help; a free clothing closet and food pantry.

This past year, ABCD started a new
initiative called Total Learning that will employ new
approaches to teaching in a Head Start setting working with
860 children served by the organization.

ABCD also operates a community
employment service department called New Ventures, which is
designed to assist and empower residents in achieving
self-sufficiency. The New Ventures initiative provides
counseling skills and pre-employment readiness classes for
individuals on an as-needed basis as well as basic
computer training and job placement assistance. New Ventures
has also provided more than 2,000 Community
Service hours for persons ordered to meet court mandated
community service.

The program also offers residents a
chance to participate in the federally funded Individual
Development Account (IDA) program which is designed to help
individuals save and generate assets that can be
used to purchase a home, start a business, or obtain a higher


Charles Tisdale

1070 Park Ave.

Bridgeport, CT 06604


ASPIRA of Connecticut – Founded
in 1990, ASPIRA is dedicated to serving the educational,
leadership and employability needs of Latino youth and
their families in six cities across the state. Locally,
ASPIRA serves the Latino community in Bridgeport, Stamford,
and Waterbury. It provides a wide range of
educational enrichment programs and guidance counseling to
Latino youth focusing on reducing high school dropout
rates, financial literacy, SAT prep as well as math,
science and technology in grades 6th through 8th.

ASPIRA also offers the APEX (ASPIRA
Parents for Educational Excellence) Workshop Series
consisting of ten sessions that address topics including
self-esteem in parents and children; school structure;
helping children improve their study habits;
communication skills for the home; and parents ‘rights in the
schools. The curriculum is provided in both Spanish
and English.

ASPIRA also sponsors the Lighthouse
program, an after-school educational enrichment, cultural
awareness, and recreational program located in 11
Bridgeport schools. It serves children in grades K-12 three
hours a day, five days a week and all day during the
summer. Volunteers, including parents, teach special
classes, car-pool students, read to children and help them
with homework.

ASPIRA also has forged a partnership
with Home Depot and several other national Hispanic
organizations to help recruit candidates for full-time and
part-time positions across the country. ASPIRA also
outfits its community centers with the most current computer
technologies and training to help its youth
succeed in school and the workplace.


Vincent Siberon

1600 State St.

Bridgeport, CT 06605


Bridgeport Area Youth Ministry (BAYM) – A
community-based program designed to enable inner-city youth
to discover their talents and apply them in a real
world business environment through computer technology,
training, and career development. BAYM’s
inter-disciplinary program – computer Genesis – trains young
people, ages 14-19, in all aspects of PC technology
from repair and manufacturing to network administration and
customer service. An 8-week course designed for teens to
learn Windows XP, Microsoft Office XP, web design,
and how to build your own computer is scheduled for the

BAYM also employs some of its students
to work in its repair workshop following training. Students
rebuild and refurbish used machines and troubleshoot and
repair broken computers. Money raised through the
sales of refurbished computers and through the BAYM service
department helps support BAYM programs. The
organization also provides networking and computer service
contracts for non-profits, churches and small


Elliot Calderon

506 Logan St.

Bridgeport, CT 06607


CTE, Inc., Community Action Agency for Greater Stamford
– CTE is the federal and state designated Community
Action Agency for the Stamford, Greenwich and Darien
communities. Its mission is to help low-income
individuals and families overcome the physical, economic and
psychological barriers to self-sufficiency. To
accomplish that mission, CTE offers a variety of services
including an employment and training program that
provides a full complement of pre-employment readiness
skills, job placement and retention, as well as
computer training, English as a Second Language program,
family support, and a substance abuse recovery program.

CTE’s Employment and Training program is
designed to help all individuals achieve self-sufficiency
by preparing them to find, keep and succeed at jobs that pay
a living wage. The program also includes its
asset-building Individual Development Account (IDA), equity
that can be used only for buying a house, starting
a business or obtaining higher education.

CTE’s UBS Warburg Technology Lab offers
a wide range of programs for its clients including,
individualized testing, basic keyboarding, and a computer
skills class in a variety of Microsoft Office
applications. CTE’s Community Employment Incentive Program
(CEIP) is a case management and referral program funded
by the U.S. Department of Labor for single individuals
who are receiving or have received cash assistance, food
stamps and/or medical assistance. The program focuses
on job development and placement.

CTE also assists businesses located in
the Stamford Enterprise Zone (South End and Waterside) in
identifying trained and/or qualified personnel from among
zone residents to fill job vacancies. A CTE staff
person helps match unemployed residents with appropriate
training opportunities to prepare them for jobs.


Michael Hyman

Director, Employment & Training

34 Woodland Ave.

Stamford, CT 06902


The Kennedy Center, Inc.
Founded in 1951 by Evelyn Kennedy and a small group of
parents of children with special needs, the Kennedy Center
has become one of Fairfield County’s most highly
regarded community rehabilitation organizations supporting
adults and children with disabilities. The Center’s
Employment Services division builds partnerships with
employers in helping them to meet their staffing needs and it
assists individuals seeking employment. The
vocational and on-site job coaching services work to
strengthen relationships and employment
productivity between employers and workers with disabilities
and special needs.

The Center pre-screens prospective job
applicants in many areas that can meet an employer’s needs,
and a case manager stays connected with the new employee’s
supervisor during the early weeks of employment to
make sure that the employee is productive and the employer
is satisfied with the new hire’s performance. Some
of the skill areas of the Kennedy Center’s trainees include:
assembly; clerical; customer service; driving;
housekeeping; maintenance; packaging; and stocking.

The Center also operates its own
business enterprise, Kennedy Industries, which offers a
variety of services including: assembly, shrink-wrapping,
product inspection, heat sealing, fulfillment,
packaging (all types), and warehousing. Additionally, Kennedy
Industries is able to manufacture elastic ace
bandages in a variety of sizes, cloth Johnny coats for
hospitals and clinics, and beauty/health spa
treatment gowns. The Center operates its own production
facilities on Garden Street, Bridgeport, but utilizing its
Supported Employment program, it can provide
employees to do specific work at the employer’s facilities.
In this scenario, trained vocational instructors
or job coaches supervise Kennedy Industries workers on-site.
The job coach’s goal is to ensure that quality
control standards are consistently met.


Rich English

2440 Reservoir Ave.

Trumbull, CT 06611

203-365-8522 ext. 245

FSW Inc.
(formerly Family Services
Woodfield) - FSW is one of Connecticut’s oldest and most
comprehensive private, nonprofit human services
agencies, serving 23,000 clients annually. Serving residents
of six communities of greater Bridgeport
(Bridgeport, Fairfield, Easton, Monroe, Stratford, and
Trumbull), FSW provides counseling, moral and financial
support and assistance to clients dealing with a
variety of challenges from HIV, domestic violence, and
illiteracy to moving from welfare to work, facing a housing
crisis, or re-entering the community from a
juvenile detention program.

FSW is also a national leader in helping
low income clients create personal and financial assets
to achieve self-sufficiency. FSW believes that the
knowledge and skills needed to build financial assets are
critical to a family’s success. FSW’s programs help
people understand how to save and manage their money so
that they can achieve their dreams of getting a college
degree, owning a home or starting their own business.
Family Assets, LLC, a subsidiary of FSW, also provides
emergency interest-free loans and money management
training to families threatened with eviction or foreclosure.

FSW is committed to offering work
opportunities and support to youth who are at-risk or already
involved in the juvenile justice system. The youth
development programs help young people develop the skills
they need to participate successfully in their
communities. One option is involvement in FSW’s Youth
Business Center that provides skill building in businesses
including a boat-building shop, a music production
studio, and a guitar-making workshop.

FSW’s employment program, “Empowering
People for Success,(EPS)” helps individuals move from
welfare to work. Support consists of pre-employment
counseling, resume writing, mock interviews, and job
placement. FSW also counsels clients on effective strategies
for job retention and career advancement.


Cynthia Maignan

475 Clinton Ave.

Bridgeport, CT 06605


Goodwill Industries of Western Connecticut
– Goodwill Industries serves people with disabilities,
economic disadvantages, and other barriers to
employment throughout western Connecticut with offices in
Stamford, Bethel and Waterbury in addition to its
corporate office in Bridgeport. Goodwill Industries’ mission
is to help people achieve independence and
self-sufficiency through employment and related support

Goodwill Industries provides a wide
array of services geared to employers seeking reliable
employees. Services include: vocational skills assessment;
matching job ready applicants with specific employer
skill needs; on-site job coaches to help train and assist
new employees to meet performance goals; new
employee follow up retention services to ensure that both the
employee and the employer are satisfied; and occupational
skills training in clerical, retail sales, nurse’s
aide and computer repair. Goodwill also provides training for
occupational skills training based on specific
needs in the local labor market.

Goodwill Industries also operates its own enterprises that include:

  • Good & Clean Program
    – It brings small groups of workers into the community
    to perform cleaning and landscaping services for
    businesses and private residences.

  • Retail
    – It has 10 retail stores in southwestern
    Connecticut that serve as training facilities and employment
    opportunities for people with disabilities and other
    special needs. The training process includes career
    counseling, case management and placement assistance.

  • Industrial Contracts Department
    - Goodwill Industries has been serving local and
    national businesses as well as government agencies for over
    30 years, taking on contract work that includes
    but is not limited to packaging, assembly, and
    mailing/fulfillment. Due to reduced production costs,
    Goodwill is able to offer competitive bidding on
    most contacts.

All of these
services help people with disabilities and those
trapped in cycles of welfare dependency to change the
direction of their lives and experience the joy of
earning a paycheck and achieve independence and


Goodwill Industries Human Services

165 Ocean Terrace

Bridgeport, CT 06605


Job Corps, Region One - The
nation’s largest career training program for youth ages
16-24, Job Corps provides vocational job training, high
school diploma completion, assistance with job
placement and follows up support at no cost to the student.
Each year approximately 65,000 students take
advantage of the program and 90 percent start new careers,
enroll in higher education program or enlist in the
military. Program eligibility includes being between ages
of 16 and not yet 25 at time of enrollment; a U.S. citizen, a
lawfully admitted permanent resident alien,
refugee, asylum-granted person or parolee; have limited
financial resources; and in need of further
vocational training, education or assistance in order to
obtain gainful employment.

During a typical eight-month stay in the
program, students improve their math and reading skills
by more than 2 1/2 levels. The program offers career skills
training in more than 60 occupational areas ranging
from computer technology, accounting, automotive repair,
carpentry, and plumbing to culinary arts/food
service, facility maintenance and health care occupations.

Job Corps Region 1 centers are located
in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York,
Puerto Rico, Rhode Island and Vermont. The Connecticut
centers are located in Hartford and New Haven. During a
student’s tenure in Job Corps, he or she will work with a
counselor to develop a personalized career plan. In
addition to occupational skills, students are offered classes
in communication, problem-solving and social
skills. They are given training in job search, resume writing
and interviewing skills to increase their
employability capacity. Students also gain valuable
experience through internships, work-based learning
experience and job shadows with local businesses to raise
their job readiness level. For more information regarding
hiring of Job Corps graduates,


Ray Jones

455 Wintergreen Ave.

New Haven, CT 06515


Job Corps Connecticut Center

Marrakech, Inc. – Founded in
1971, Marrakech is a private, nonprofit organization that
provides residential, education and job placement services to
people facing economic and behavioral health
challenges. The program has continued to develop programs and
services that support individuals with
challenging behaviors, families with complex needs, youth who
are at risk, and people without disabilities who are
unemployed and underemployed.

One of Marrakech’s programs – Supported
Employment Individual (SEI) – is designed to help
individuals achieve independence and success through
competitive employment in the community. The SEI program
works with employers to provide on-site job development and
coaching supports to new employees who have the
potential and skills to work independently, but require
periodic assistance on the job. Once an individual
job placement is made, job supports can be reduced over
time. In some cases though, the needs of the
individual may require assistance that can remain in place
for an indefinite period.

Each program participant is assigned an
Employment Specialist (ES) who is responsible for
evaluating the interests, skills, abilities and
preferences of the person served. The ES facilitates job
development, job coaching supports and transportation
when necessary. This type of assistance ensures an
effective job retention rate and higher productivity for the
employer. The program is designed to help
individuals with barriers to employment overcome them during
the first critical weeks on the job and achieve
career success and fulfillment. The SEI program recognizes
that having a job is an important component in life
that promotes positive self-esteem, confidence and personal
growth. To be eligible for the Marrakech programs,
individuals must be referred through their State of
Connecticut Department of Mental Retardation case manager.


John D. Allen

Director, Employment Services

Six Lunar Drive

Woodbridge, CT 06525

203-389-2970 ext.1333

Urban League of Southwestern Connecticut
– The Urban League offers a wide range of education,
employment and cultural programs designed to enable
African Americans and other minority groups in the Stamford
area to secure and sustain economic self-reliance.
It provides job readiness and interview preparation, computer
training, ESL classes geared toward specific
professions, and an online job bank of available positions
for youth and adults.

The Urban League’s employment assistance includes:

  • Technology Training
    – Computer training sessions that offer
    comprehensive skills in computer operations, software
    applications, Internet navigation and research.
    The League also helps students explore career opportunities
    in the IT field.

  • Interview Education sessions
    – Seminars involving recruiters and human resource
    specialists from local employers who offer advice on
    successful interview techniques, as well as mock interview

  • Business ESL classes
    – Classes are geared toward specific professions, including
    healthcare, office clerical, computer and the
    Internet, and Business Writing for the Non-English Speaker.

  • Financial Literacy for Youth
    - Classes introduce students to topics such as:
    entrepreneurship and income generation; money management,
    credit and saving; investing and the stock market. Students
    will also be counseled regarding career
    opportunities in the financial industry.


Valarie Shultz-Wilson

46 Atlantic St.

Stamford, CT 06901

203-327-5810, ext 112

CTWorks Centers - CTWorks is a
collaboration of state, regional and local organizations
addressing the workforce development needs of both job
seekers and businesses seeking qualified employees. The
three primary partners in CTWorks are: CT Department of
Labor; The Workplace, Inc., Southwestern
Connecticut’s Regional Workforce Development Board; and
Career Resources, Inc, the center’s operator. CTWorks
Centers are located in Derby, Bridgeport, and Stamford,
offering a variety of free services and training
for job seekers and job ready workers for employers.

CTWorks offers free services to
employers including: posting of employment opportunities on
its job boards; referrals of qualified job
candidates from its current pool of clients; and a Rapid
Response Team site visit for those businesses involved in a
lay-off or closure.

CTWorks also offers training with its
Career Coach, a mobile computer training lab, equipped with
10 student workstations, and an IT instructor who
will provide computer training or familiarization for your
employees away from the office, but just outside your
worksite. The CTWorks Career Coach also helps your
recruitment needs by scheduling a job fair dedicated to your
company or group of companies in your local area.
The Career Coach helps to facilitate job fair details include
pre-screening, recruiting, and an onboard
interview room. The Career Coach comes to the employer’s
location or goes to a site where job candidates gather.

CTWorks Centers along with The Workplace
Inc., and CT DOL work closely with local employers on
innovative programs that increase worker productivity and
training. There are many workforce development
programs available that are no cost and low-cost to


Scott Wilderman

350 Fairfield Ave.

Bridgeport, CT 06604


Higher Education Institutions

University of Connecticut, Stamford
UConn Stamford is a commuter satellite campus to the main
campus in Storrs. It offers full 4-year undergraduate degrees
in a variety of disciplines ranging from business
administration, economics, and family studies to education,
psychology, the Connecticut Information Technology
Institute (CITI), and for returning adults, a specially
tailored Bachelor of General Studies. In addition to MBA and
EMBA degrees through the School of Business, and
PhD in educational leadership, its Center of Continuing
Studies provides courses for personal and professional

UConn Stamford has an active Department
of Career Services providing a full range of services to
employers seeking to recruit students for full-time
permanent positions, internships, cooperative education and
volunteer opportunities. The University of
Connecticut Recruiting Program provides a convenient and
efficient means to connect with viable candidates.

  • On Campus Interviews
    - The College facilitates scheduling of
    interviews to assist employers with a convenient and
    efficient way to meeting and reviewing viable
    candidates for available job opportunities. Employers are
    encouraged to contact the college at to request an interview date.

  • Electronic Job Postings
    - Employers have the opportunity to list full-time,
    internship or cooperative education positions via UConn
    web-based recruiting system, HuskyCareerLink. UConn students
    and alumni can apply online for positions posted
    by employers. To post a job on HuskyCareerLink, simply go to
    the following website and register as a new

  • Career Fairs
    - Career Fairs are held on the UConn Stamford campus in the
    spring and the fall. The Internship/Co-op Career
    Fair is held in February, and provides an opportunity to
    businesses and government agencies to meet with
    students and focus on cooperative education, internship and
    summer career-related experiences. The Career
    Services Department also hosts human services and nonprofit
    organizations in February for the college annual
    Human Services/Non-Profit career fair.


Department of Career Services

One University Place

Stamford, CT 06901

203-251- 9549

Fairfield University – A Jesuit
university offering undergraduate, graduate, and continuing
education study for 5,000 students from 35 states and 46
countries. The University was highly ranked in the
2007 US News & World Report’s “America’s Best Colleges,”
for its M.A. programs and named in the 2007 Fiske
Guide to Colleges list of “Small Colleges and Universities
Strong in Business.” The University’s Charles F.
Dolan School of Business was named to The Princeton Review’s
top 237 business schools in the nation in 2006. Nearly
one third of Fairfield students are engaged in volunteer
programs including soup kitchens, health centers, literacy
instruction, and helping the homeless.

Fairfield University’s Career Planning
Center provides various services to employers interested in
hiring students or alumni to fill part-time, full-time,
internship and summer employment positions. Those
services include:

  • Career Fairs
    – There are a spring and fall career fairs held
    annually. Contact the Career Planning Center for dates and

  • Job Posting Board
    – An increasing number of employers utilize the University’s
    on-campus recruiting program and resume referral
    service. Post jobs at:
    and follow instructions to enter job descriptions.

  • On-Campus Recruiting
    – More than 100 companies and organizations annually
    choose to participate in the University’s recruiting
    program. Students submit resumes via a web-based
    database, Employers can review applicant
    resumes online up to the application deadline. They can also
    contact students directly through email to
    schedule an interview. Employers interested in arranging
    campus interview dates are encouraged to phone
    203-254-4081 or email


Cathleen Borgman

Career Planning Center

1073 North Benson Rd.

Fairfield, CT 06824


Sacred Heart University (SHU)
Ranked by US News & World Report’s “America’s Best
Colleges 2006” in the top tier of Master’s Universities in
the North, the University was also listed by the
Princeton Review as among the “Best in the Northeast” college
rankings. It offers undergraduate and graduate
degrees in Arts & Sciences; Education & Health;
University College; and the newly established John F. Welch
College of Business.

The University’s Office of Career
Development provides a helpful range of services to employers
to facilitate recruiting and employment efforts among
current students and graduates including career fairs,
online job postings and on-campus recruitment options.

  • Online Job Postings
    – eRecruiting, the University’s online job
    posting system, is available 24 hours a day, enabling
    employers to post new opportunities, edit or
    otherwise manage current job and internship postings, review
    resumes, request interviews and view SHU’s
    up-to-date career calendar. To access the employer login
    page, go to

  • Internship and Career Fairs
    – SHU holds career fairs in the spring and the
    fall, attracting approximately 400 students and alumni from a
    wide variety of academic majors. The Spring
    Internship & Career Fair will be held on February 22,
    2007 from 11:00am – 2:00pm.

  • On-campus Interviews
    – SHU will help employers promote job opportunities by
    forwarding selected resumes (based on pre-determined
    qualifications.) They will contact students employers want to
    meet and set up all appointments and logistics
    required for the desired interview date. This kind of
    coordination is available to employers for a stand-alone
    event, at a career fair, or as a follow-up to an online job


Office of Career Development

5151 Park Ave.

Fairfield, CT 06825


Western Connecticut State University
WCSU is a liberal arts institution offering undergraduate and
graduate degrees in its Schools of Business, Arts
and Sciences, Professional Studies, and Visual and
Performing Arts to more than 6000 full and part-time

WCSU aspires to be a public university
of choice for programs of excellence in the liberal arts by
providing students with skills in communication,
problem-solving, and critical thinking, a state-of-the-art
background in information technologies, and a strong
sense of commitment to public service.

The University’s Career Development
Center (CDC) offers a variety of services to employers
including job posting, co-op programs, on-campus
recruiting and career fairs.

  • On-Campus Recruiting
    – This service is available to graduating
    seniors who have pre-registered with the CDC and to
    prospective employers who schedule to conduct initial
    interviews on campus for full-time positions with
    their company. Interviews are held during fall and
    spring semesters. Students must also submit a copy of
    their resume in advance to employer they wish to
    apply to.

  • Job Postings
    – The University’s CDC provides a wide range of off-campus
    part and full-time job listings, summer employment
    and full time positions of interest to graduating seniors
    and alumni. These jobs are posted through WCSU’s
    electronic job referral system with College Center, providing
    24-hour access to listings. To access the WCSU
    College Central System follow the link: Access

  • Co-Op Program
    – The program provides students with the opportunity to get
    career-related experience in their academic field
    while receiving credit and a salary. The Co-op Program is
    open to students who have completed 45 credits and
    are in good academic standing. Employers frequently use the
    program as a recruiting tool and many students are
    eventually offered full-time permanent positions with the


Career Development Center

181 White St.

Danbury, CT 06810


University of Bridgeport – UB
offers a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs
in the schools of Business, Education and Human Resources;
General Studies; Arts, Humanities and Social
Sciences; and Engineering and Technology. The university also
offers a variety of distance learning degree
programs and courses that allow you to attend class anytime
from any location as long as you have a computer, email,
and access to the Internet. UB’s Center for Business
Information Technologies offers IT Certification programs and
training courses for information system
professionals and career change adults. Since 1991, the
College of Chiropractic has offered a Doctor of Chiropractic

The University’s Career Services Center
offers services to employers seeking to hire qualified
employees including online job postings, on-campus
recruiting, resume referrals, and career fairs.

  • Online Job Postings
    - UB invites employers to post job openings on
    MonsterTRAK Post-a-Job system free of charge. Once in the
    MonsterTRAK system, employers will log into an
    existing account or create a new account to begin the
    process. For information about the Post-A-Job
    system, please email or contact UB’s Career Services Center at 203-576-4466.

  • Campus Recruiting
    – The University’s Career Services Center is available to
    assist employers to schedule recruiting dates prior
    to the Job and Internship Fair in the spring and facilitate
    space and logistics. Student resume referrals
    would also be facilitated by the Career Services Center prior
    to recruiting dates and job fairs.

  • Job & Internship Fairs
    – Held in the spring and fall semesters. UB also
    sponsors separate job fairs for non-profit human services
    organizations and students interested in a teaching
    career. UB’s Spring Job & Internship Fair is scheduled
    for Thursday, March 1, 2007 from 1-5 pm in the Social Room of
    the Cox Student Center.


Career Services Center

126 Park Ave.

Bridgeport, CT 06601


Norwalk Community College – NCC
provides a broad range of credit and non-credit liberal
arts, sciences, and information technology associate degree
and certification programs leading to transfer,
employment, and lifelong learning to residents of southwest
Fairfield County. NCC recognizes the diverse needs
of its students and strives to offer a learning environment
that supports students in the achievement of their
education and life goals. It focuses on developing strong
community partnerships, and fulfills the college’s
vision of intellectual inquiry, open dialogue, multicultural
awareness and life-long learning.

NCC’s Career Center offers a broad range
of pre-employment services to students and assistance to
local employers trying to fill available jobs. NCC provides
job-posting opportunities to local employers and an
invitation to attend the college’s annual Career Expo every
spring semester where local companies come to
showcase their employment openings.

  • Job Posting
    – Employers can post jobs for free on NCC’s
    Internet-based system –
    Employers must register with NCC’s Career Center before
    posting. Students may list resumes on same
    Internet system and employers will have access to review

  • Career Expo
    – NCC’s Career Services Department holds a Career Expo each
    spring semester where local companies come to
    showcase their employment openings. Contact the Career
    Services Department for dates for the next Career


Cathy Miller

188 Richards Ave.

Norwalk, CT 06854


Housatonic Community College
HCC serves an 11-town area in Southwestern Connecticut,
providing a range of credit and non-credit liberal
arts and sciences, and technical associate degrees and
certificate programs. Students can choose from one
of 66 degree or certificate programs or from the many
non-credit Continuing Education classes offered year-round.
HCC also offers intensive health career programs in
four technical specialties including physical therapy,
occupational therapy, clinical laboratory technology,
and nursing that has a collaborative program with
Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing.

In response to community and student
need and desire for personal enrichment, Housatonic offers
Associate degree programs in preparation to transfer to
four–year institutions, as well as occupationally
oriented Associate degree and Certificate programs. Short
term, non-credit courses, seminars and workshops
as well as targeted student services also help satisfy
community and personal needs. These programs prepare
students for employment and advancement in business,
industry, allied health, early childhood education, natural
sciences, computer arts and information systems,
and human services.

Special support services are also
offered to students and the local community including
disabilities support services; career and transfer
counseling; academic support and tutoring; library
facilities and instruction; English as a Second
Language; and an array of student activities including The
Women’s Center.


Brenda Alexander

Director, Human Resources Department

900 Lafayette Blvd.

Bridgeport, CT 06604


Gibbs College – The College
offers associate degree, diploma, and certificate programs in
design, technology and business disciplines
including: visual communications; digital media and web
design; fashion design & merchandising; computer network
operations; and ebusiness.

Gibbs College’s specialized Associated
Degree, certificate and diploma programs reinforce the
important communication, interpersonal and career-building
skills necessary for entry into any job market.
Students can earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in
as little as two years. Employers value Gibbs College
education because it is reinforced by practical hands-on
learning and professional internships. Students learn
by doing. They earn problem-solving skills and develop
excellence, integrity, and confidence that will help
them succeed in the workplace.

The Career Services office provides
global access to graduates and job opportunities from
domestic and international companies. Gibbs College
reviews each student’s career goals, job skills, history
and educational background in order to provide employers
with the best possible match for the job. The Career
Services office’s goal is to provide the right candidate to
the right employer.


Career Services Office

10 Norden Place

Norwalk, CT 06855


St. Vincent’s College – A
community-based Catholic College providing two year associate
degrees in nursing and allied health areas
including Cardiovascular Technology, Medical Assisting,
Nursing and Radiography. St. Vincent’s takes its
mission from the historic commitment of the Daughters of
Charity of St. Vincent de Paul to care for the sick, poor,
and to educate others for the health care

The college also offers a number of
Continuing Education certificates in the health and health
care management area. The Colleges’ professional development
courses can be taught at a health care facility
when convenient to the facility’s staff. Courses include CPR,
Management & Supervision, computer classes,
stress reduction, allied health courses and professional
development seminars.

The college is an affiliate of St.
Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport that offers St.
Vincent’s students the opportunity to have hands-on clinical
experience to master the skills required to launch
a new career.


Human Resources Department

2800 Main St.

Bridgeport, 06606

203-576- 5235

Albertus Magnus College – Small
Catholic, liberal arts college offering undergraduate and
graduate programs in Liberal Studies, Management; a Master of
Arts in Art Therapy and an M.A. in Business
Administration. Last year, the College added a new Master of
Arts in Leadership program. The College has also
added a new program – “New Dimensions Degree complete
Program” – located at its satellite campus in Stratford. It
targets adult learners who have work experience and
who want to maintain their professional and personal
commitments while pursing educational goals.

The College’s Office of Career Services
works with employers seeking to hire, providing job
posting boards, on-campus interview facilities, and
opportunities to present an overview of an employer’s
open positions and background.

  • Campus Event Planning
    - The Office of Career Services will handle all
    planning details related to the employer’s event including
    publicity. Ideal lead-time is three weeks prior
    to the event. Pre-Registration is required by
    interested students and alumni to attend employer event. For
    On-Campus interviewing sessions, the Office of
    Career Services will collect resumes for employer and review
    prior to the event. This will allow employer to
    pre-select those candidates of interest.

  • Event timing
    – ideal timing for employer information sessions or
    On-Campus interviewing is 4:30-5:30pm. The
    majority of on campus events are scheduled in October,
    November, February, March and April.

  • Job Postings
    – Employer may submit job opening information to the college
    Office of Career Services on its organizational
    letterhead or they may use the college Job Posting Form found
    online. Employers may mail or fax the Job Posting
    form to the Career Services office (203-773-8984).


Amy Wilson

300 Long Beach Blvd.

Stratford, CT 06615


Post University – Regional
Campus, Danbury – Founded in 1890 as a proprietary business
school to support the training and educational needs of
the labor force in central Connecticut, Post University
now offers degree and certificate programs on campus and
online to meet the demands of the current
professional fields. The programs include: business;
information management; health sciences & human
services; entertainment and sports industries; equine
management; security and justice; and education.

The University has an active Career
Services office that offers comprehensive career counseling
and development for students designed to help them
make appropriate career choices. Services include co-op and
internship search assistance and full-time job
search assistance.

The Career Services office offers
employers an electronic job board placement service –
S.O.A.R. – to list employment opportunities. Employers can
register with S.O.A.R. On-Line, or schedule an
appointment with a Career Services professional by calling


Carrie Gibbs

Career Services

800 Country Club Rd.

Waterbury, CT 06723


Charter Oak State College – A
distance-learning college established in 1973 to assist adult
learners in completing their college degree. Due to
student demand, Charter Oak began offering courses online
in 1998. Today, the college offers more than 150 video
and online courses. The college offers four General
Studies Degrees – an associate degree in arts and in science;
and 120 credit BA and BS degrees, customized to
the student’s educational background and goals.

Charter Oak also develops new courses
and program based on the needs of our students and workforce
demands. New courses offered include the After School
Education credential, the Pharmacist Refresher Course,
the RN Refresher Course, and the Home Care Nursing
Course. The College also offers certificate programs in
Project Management, Computer Security, and Public
Safety Administration.

One of Charter Oak’s appeals is the way
credits can be combined to form a degree. In addition to
taking video and online courses with the College,
students may also utilize credits from:

  • Courses transferred from other regionally accredited colleges and universities;
  • Standardized tests (CLEP, DANTES);
  • Corporate & agency training programs rated by the ACE/PONSI evaluations;
  • Military service schools and occupational rating evaluated by ACE.


Career Resources

555 Paul J. Manafort Drive

New Britain, CT 06053


Locally Focused Job Boards (websites)

The following websites provide
information regarding Connecticut and Fairfield County-based
jobs in a broad range of industries and specific
skill-sets. For further information regarding employment, go
to the JobsNet Resource page on The Business Council of
Fairfield County website:

- (All Connecticut Jobs) is a national job search
website affiliated with Monster job search engine that is
focused on jobs throughout Connecticut. Site is for job
seekers and employers, offering searches and job
postings under job categories, job titles, and specific
companies. Users of Flipdog will also receive the
benefit of a Career Resources section from that
covers career advice, sample resumes and cover
letters, salary comparison calculator, and entry-level jobs
and internships.


This site is a local employment website
for job seekers and employers. It is part of the Network and is not affiliated with any state
agency or staff firm. For job seekers, the
website offers various tools to manage career, including a
job database for the entire state, career email alerts,
resume database and distribution services, and calendar
of career events including local job fairs. For
employers, is a targeting recruiting tool
that includes online job postings for 60 days, resume
database access, banner advertising, and career event
and open house listings. The site also offers career resource
information including regular columnists who
opine about workplace, job search and career management.


This site is the collaboration of
Connecticut’s leading metro, suburban and neighborhood
newspapers. The site offers the most current employment
opportunities from the state’s leading employers and
provides job seekers with excellent local coverage of job
opportunities, allowing them to search for available
jobs in a specific town or region of the state. The network of newspapers includes jobs
listed in: The Chronicle, The Connecticut Post, The Day, The
Hour, The Journal Inquirer, NewsTimes, The
Record-Journal, Westerly Sun, and Republican-American. The
site also includes company profiles of local
employers, career advice and Continuing Education resources.

- (Connecticut’s Job Bank)

America’s Job Bank (AJB) is one of the
biggest job search websites in the U.S. It is operated by
the US Department of Labor in collaboration with state
Departments of Labor and the CareerOneStop federal-state
partnership in workforce development. This site
focuses on jobs throughout Connecticut in collaboration with
the Connecticut Department of Labor, offering a variety
of resources for jobseekers looking for work and
employers trying to find qualified employees for specific
positions. For job seekers, the website offers the
usual career resources tools and personal job search
accounts. For employers, the website offers job
posting, resume search and alerts for prospective employees
who match job qualifications.

- (Connecticut Job & Career ConneCTion)

This website is produced by the
Connecticut Department of Labor’s Office of Research. It is a
comprehensive source of jobs and careers available
within the state. The Job & Career ConneCTion website
is intended for use by students, teachers, counselors, job
developers and job seekers, but does not provide
direct job posting tools for employers. The website helps job
seekers identify occupations that may be a match
for their skills, interests, and personality and provides
them with detailed information on these
occupations. The website will also help jobseekers find
appropriate education and training opportunities throughout
the state and identify employers who may hire
individuals for those occupations.


This is an online job board serving the
employers and jobseekers of Southwestern Connecticut.
Jobseekers may search jobs for free by keyword, city, or
category. Employers are charged a fee (starting at
$99 per job) to post their positions. The website only
targets employers located in the Fairfield County labor
market. is a private,
for-profit business and is not part of any county government
institution in Connecticut. The site was founded
in 1999 and attracts more than 80,000 visitors each month. is the flagship site of a
network of regional job boards serving Connecticut’s largest

(Popular job-search resource for college
students) MonsterTrak is the most popular website for college
students and recent graduates seeking employment
opportunities and internships during school and post
graduation. The site enables employers to target job listings
to students and alumni from specific colleges and
universities across the country. MonsterTRAK allows
employers to list a single job title for up to four
weeks at a specific school, a select group of schools or a
wider reach of schools across the U.S. The site’s
Buy-in-Bulk program helps employers save on job postings and
can be utilized with 12 months of purchase. Website also
offers a resume search tool for employers as well as a
direct email campaign to target jobseekers based on
educational profiles and employment preferences.
MonsterTRAK provides direct access to active job seekers
through partnerships with college and university
career centers.

Government Agencies

Connecticut Department of Labor (CTDOL) -
The Department of Labor provides an active Business Services
staff assigned to serve the business community in
Southwestern Connecticut. CTDOL provides employers with a
range of services including recruitment assistance, job
posting on CT’s Job Bank and job fairs, candidate
referral options from its state Job Bank (more than 57,000
resumes) and interview and recruitment facilities at
CT Works Centers in Derby, Bridgeport, and Stamford.

Employers can post job openings
electronically or by mail on Connecticut’s Job Bank at no
cost, resulting in state and national exposure.
For information or assistance in job posting, call CT Job
Bank at 860-754-5050; fax: 860-754-5052; or log on
to and click on “Business Services” link.

The local Bridgeport office of CTDOL has
four Career Development Specialists supporting CTWORKS
and The Workplace Inc., providing career counseling to job
seekers, individual assessments (including
Myers-Briggs type Indicator), and checking to see that job
seekers meet minimal qualifications before making
referrals to employers.


Victor Fuda


The Workplace, Inc. – The Workplace is
Southwestern Connecticut’s Regional Workforce
Development Board. It serves as a convener, a catalyst, a
collaborator, and an advocate for workforce
development throughout southwestern Connecticut. It designs
and administers initiatives that help people
prepare for careers and strengthens the workforce in
Fairfield County for employers. In addition to coordinating
job training and education to meet the needs of
residents and employers in a 20-community region, the
WorkPlace administers job training and preparation
services funded by the state and federal agencies. Due to
its nonprofit status, many of the WorkPlace’s services are
provided at no cost to the job seeker or employer.

The Workplace, Inc., strives to
anticipate and understand the changes shaping the economy in
Southwestern Connecticut and labor force in order to
respond to the needs of employers and workers. In doing
so, The Workplace has created a Business Services unit to
foster dialogue between industry and education
providers to focus on the ongoing challenge of educating and
training workers. To help ensure economic
expansion by regional employers, The Workplace will continue
to provide access to information to jobseekers and
employers that will aid in understanding Connecticut’s
dynamic and changing economy.

Some of the programs its Business Services unit will manage include:

  • Customized worker training
    - Proposals for funding of customized
    incumbent-worker training programs. Currently, there are
    funds available in manufacturing and healthcare industries.

  • Additional training funds
    – These funds will be coordinated through federal
    and state agencies as well as private sources.

  • Labor market publications
    – Gather, analyze and package workforce data in a
    convenient format to assist with strategic planning,
    staffing, and training issues.

  • Training provider conduit
    – Operate as an expert on training providers,
    including what they offer and the quality of their services.


Adrienne Parkmond

Director of Workforce Development

350 Fairfield Ave.

Bridgeport, CT 06604

203-576-7030 x 309

Proprietary Schools

The organizations listed below have
received approval and certification by a Regional Workforce
Development Board and the Connecticut Department of Labor to
provide education and training for persons awarded
Individual Training Accounts (ITA) under the Workforce
Investment Act (WIA). Training providers’ programs are
subject to removal from the list of WIA Approved
Training Programs if they intentionally supply inaccurate
information or fail to maintain standards required for

Prospective students are encouraged to
review the list prior to enrolling in a program to ensure
that a training provider is eligible to enroll persons
and to received WIA training funds. To be eligible for
WIA training funds, individuals must be considered
low-income adults (generally 125% of the local poverty
level) or dislocated workers – someone recently laid off and
certified as a dislocated worker by the local One
Stop Employment Center or Regional Workforce Development

Inclusion of information regarding any
program of training services or an institution,
organization or individual providing training services is in
no way an endorsement of that program,
institution, organization or individual. The Regional
Workforce Development Boards, who obtained the information
directly from the training providers, supplied the
data included on this list. The accuracy of the information
is not guaranteed. Students are requested to
report to their Regional Boards any inaccuracies found in the

The cost information included may
represent only the dollar amount, per student, for required
program fees. Additional costs may apply, including
expenses for out-of-district or out-of-state tuition,
non-required fees, books, equipment, materials and
supplies, tools, uniforms or living expenses. Before
enrolling, individuals should check directly with the
training provider to inquire if financial
assistance is available or if additional costs may be

Allstate Commercial Driver Training School, Shelton
– Founded in 1975, Allstate has been providing instruction,
training and job placement to prospective
professional truck drivers for more than three decades.
Classroom preparation is combined with practical,
hands-on training leading to a commercial operators license
with entry-level skills in the trucking industry.

Training courses include CDL Class A
(for tractor trailers) and Class B (straight truck driving)
licenses as well as forklift operation, safety
training and individually-tailored refresher courses for
truckers who have been out of the business for extended
periods or let their licenses lapse. The CDL Class A
training is six weeks long. CDL Class B training is two weeks
in duration.

Admission to Allstate training is
dependent upon meeting the following qualifications:

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • An applicant must possess valid driver’s license and have an acceptable driving record.
  • An
    applicant must be able to read, write and speak basic
    English. Lack of a high school diploma or GED shall not
    disqualify a prospective student.
  • Students must have a Department of Transportation physical form completed before road training begins.

offers on-site job placement assistance to its graduates and
will work one-on-one with each student to help
them find suitable employment upon graduation. Allstate will
provide, with a graduate’s permission, names and
school records of graduates for submission to potential
employers who request data from the school.


Allstate Commercial Driving Training

11 Constitution Blvd., South

Shelton, CT 06484


Danae’s Training Center, Bridgeport
The school offers one course in Certified Nurse’s
Aide Training that provides graduates with skills to seek
employment in the hospital or home health care field.
Graduates receive a certificate of course completion, but
must pass state exam to earn NNA license.

Training includes 150 hours over a
six-week period with classes meeting during the day and
evening. Training admission requires students to be 18
years old, and speak, read and understand English as
determined by written evaluation. Students must also
pass a physical examination and have PPD vaccination prior
to first day of classes.

Total program cost is $3,000, including
application and registration fees plus cost of books and
uniforms. School does not provide further information
regarding coursework or whether graduates are offered job
placement assistance.


Patricia Newton-Foster

49 Cannon St.

Bridgeport, CT 06604

203-335-4426 or

D&L Tractor Trailer School, Bridgeport
D& L has been in business since 1973
providing training for those wanting to pursue a career in
the trucking industry. The school offers students two
basic programs. One provides graduates training and a
certificate in CDL (Certified Driver’s License) Class A
Tractor Trailer driving and operation. The second
program offers students a CDL Class B certificate in straight
truck driving and operation. Both programs are
offered on weekend or weekday training schedules.

D&L’s Class A Tractor Trailer license
programs will prepare students for the written CDL exams
as well as the hands-on skills test. Classroom
instruction and hands-on training will include knowledge of
the following areas: CDL air brakes; CDL Combination
vehicles; CDL hazardous materials; CDL Doubles and
Triples; backing maneuvers; and highway/city/rural driving.

D&L’s Class B Heavy Truck license
program will provide classroom instruction and hands-on
training in many of the same areas as for Class A
license. Upon completion of the CDL Class A and B programs,
students will be license tested by the DMV at D&L’s
facility using its own equipment.

The CDL Class A Tractor Trailer course
costs approximately $4,000 including registration, testing
and licensing fees and takes 160 hours to complete. The CDL
Class B Heavy Truck program costs $3,500 including
the same fees and is 40 hours in duration.

Admission requirements: Students must be
18 or older, possess a valid driver’s license; must pass a
physical and drug screen; and must meet DOT requirements
for employment. Final acceptance of the applicant
will be made by a school official after reviewing the
enrollment packet. Students are admitted, trained
and referred for employment regardless of race, color, age,
religion, gender, national origin, marital status, or
physical handicap (except in case of a bonafide
occupational qualification or need.)


Holly Bitman

Admissions Director

510 Barnum Ave.

Bridgeport, CT 06608


Dent-Temp Careers, Stratford – The Edso
Dental Training Centers offers a dental assistant
training program designed to provide students with the basic
skills to function at an entry-level position in a
general dentistry practice. The course consists of six
specific knowledge/skill areas of dentistry during
a 56 hour, eight-week program.

The course knowledge areas covered are:

  • Dental terminology equipment, sterilization and amalgam procedure.
  • Composite procedure includes uses of instruments and materials in composite procedure.
  • Radiology, including terminology, theory, equipment, settings and film developing.
  • Prosthodontics, including crown, temporary crown and procedures, materials and pouring models.
  • Endodontics procedures including material, instruments and indications for endotherapy, and
  • Oral surgery, including extractions, periodontal surgeries, sealants, bleaching, and night guards.

requirements are: basic fluency and comprehension of English.
The cost of the course, including books, is
$2000. Many states require dental assistants to be certified
in Radiology. The exam is given by the ADAA (American
Dental Assistant Association) and is separate from Edso
Dental Training Centers. The test and testing fee are
not included in the course tuition.


Edna Soloman


4949 Main St.

Stratford, CT 06614


Groundwork Bridgeport – The organization
started in 1998 as a collaborative effort between
the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the National
Park Service (NPS), the national Groundwork USA, and
the City of Bridgeport. Its mission is to bring
about the sustained regeneration, improvement and management
of the physical environment of the City of
Bridgeport, by empowering people, businesses, and
organizations to promote environmental, economic and social

Groundwork Bridgeport’s focus on urban
revitalization and beautification through a variety of
landscape and recreation development initiatives also
extends to a training program in landscape installation
and maintenance.

The course, entitled “Entrepreneurial
Self Sufficiency” is for individuals who are committed to
starting their own landscape business and have a
demonstrated work ethic. The course is 28 hours long during a
week of classroom instruction and hands-on applications in
various aspects of landscape installation and

Cost of the training is $8,687 including
tuition, books, testing and landscaping equipment and


Richard Tani

Executive Director

510 Barnum Ave., Suite 304

Bridgeport, CT 06608


Head Quarters Barber Institute, Bridgeport
– The organization offers a single course in barber training
that provides a certificate for graduates and
preparation assistance when taking the state license exam.

The barber training is given in the
evening for individuals seeking a career change while
continuing current employment. Classroom and hands-on
training is 1,600 hours long during an 80-week period.
Admission requirements: All students must be 16 years of age
or older and possess a high school diploma or GED.

Total program cost, including
application and testing fees, books, and equipment, is


Tonahja Cohen


3619 Main St.

Bridgeport, CT 06606


H.E.L.P. Ministries, Bridgeport - The
organization offers four training courses in medical,
pharmacy and administrative office clerical skills.
The courses range from two to ten weeks in length and are
offered days or evenings including classroom instruction
and hands-on operation of current office automation
and information equipment.

The courses include:

  • Administrative
    Office Assistant: 6 weeks duration. Cost: $2,625 including
    application, registration fees, and books.
  • Medical
    Office Assistant/General Office Worker: 10 weeks duration.
    Cost $2,875 including application, registration
    fees and books.
  • Microsoft Word and Keyboard skills: 4 weeks duration. Cost: $925 including fees and books.
  • Pharmacy/Medical Technician: 8 weeks duration. Cost: $2,375 including fees and books.

requirements for Pharmacy/Medical technician are high
school diploma or GED. There are no requirements for the
other courses. All graduates earn certificates of
completion from H.E.L.P. Ministries.


Carolyn Evans

Executive Director

955 Connecticut Ave., Suite 2101

Bridgeport, CT 06607


Leon Institute of Hair Design, Bridgeport
– The Institute is in its 49th year of operation, offering
students a program of study that prepares them for
careers in hair dressing and Cosmetology. Leon’s
licensed professionals teach theory, demonstrate a full range
of hair dressing and cutting techniques, and
supervise practical (clinic) assignments. In addition, there
are lectures and workshops from hair stylists with
leading beauty salons, manufacturers’ representatives and
other specialists as well as field trips to hair
style shows and beauty salons to enhance practical

The Hairdressing and Cosmetology course
involves 1500 hrs over 65 weeks of instruction at a cost
of $8150. The course is broken down into three

  • Theoretical instruction
    (200 hours) - Includes sanitation & hygiene;
    hairstyle, care & treatment; manicuring; chemical
    procedures; skin care, facials, make-up and shaving; and
    state laws covering the profession.
  • Practical instruction (580 hours) - Covers most of the same treatment areas listed above, and
  • Supervised instructions (720 hours) - Covers treatment and skill areas listed under theoretical instruction.

requirements to the Leon Institute include a high school
diploma, or high school equivalency certificate.
Individuals age 16 or older without a high diploma or GED
will be admitted to the Institute based on results of
national recognized, standardized test that satisfies the
U.S. Department of Education and that meets guidelines
established by NACCAS (National Accrediting commission
of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences).


Ellen Folchick


111 Wall St.

Bridgeport, CT 06604


Pam’s Secretarial School, Inc., Bridgeport
- The school offers certificate-training programs in
bookkeeping, computer technical support and executive
assistant/clerical fields. The courses range in duration from
12 to 30 weeks to include classroom instruction
and practical experience.

The courses include:

  • Bookkeeping Specialist
    - Covers accounting and related skills including
    payroll and general bookkeeping. Night classes for 75 hours
    during 12 weeks of classes. Total program cost is $3,000.
  • Computer Technical Support
    - Covers computer theory, installation, and
    repair techniques. Classes are taught days and weekends, 410
    hours during 30 weeks. Total program cost is $18,450.
  • Executive Assistant
    - Covers various clerical, administrative and
    communication skills required of the position of
    administrative assistant or executive secretary. Classes are
    taught during the day, 390 classroom hours over 30
    weeks. Total program cost is $14,625. There are no admission
    requirements listed.


Pamela Stevens


1046 State St.

Bridgeport, CT 06605


Stat Training Center, Bridgeport – The
school offers certificate training courses in three
occupational specialties: Certified Nurse
Aide/Assistant; Cosmetology/Hairdressing; and Nail
Technician. The courses range in duration from three weeks
to 10 months including classroom instruction and
practical experience.

The training courses include:

  • Cosmetology/Hairdressing
    - Course takes 1,500 hours over a 10-month
    period. Classes are held weekdays and evenings. Cost is
    $6,365 including books, exam fees and equipment.
    Admission requirements are high school diploma or GED. If
    lacking either of these documents, applicant must take
    standardized entrance exam approved by U.S. Department
    of Education.

  • Certified Nurse Aide/Assistant
    - Stat offers a day and evening training course
    in this occupational specialty. Class duration is 100 hours
    over three weeks. Cost for either training is $1,166
    including registration and exam fees, books and equipment.
    Admission requirements: 18 years or older and have
    completed the 9th grade. Must also speak and understand
    English and pass a physical exam.

  • Nail Technician
    - Training requires 50 hours of classroom instruction and
    practical experience during five weeks of weekday
    and evening classes. Total program cost is $550. Admission
    requirements: 16 years or older and must have
    completed 9th grade.


Kelley Prout

Admissions Director

955 Connecticut Ave., Suite 5102

Bridgeport, CT 06607


T.J. Computer Learning Center, Bridgeport -
The school is part of T.J. Computer Consultants, an IT
management computer company founded and operated by
CEO Jeremiah Harvin for more than a decade. The company’s
courses are designed to train individuals and
businesses to become familiar with the newest information
technologies. At the Learning Center, individuals can expand
or develop a range of IT skills from website
design, programming, website hosting and networking
development to all of the Microsoft Office Programs. In
addition, the Learning Center offers DSL and computer
sales and installation.

The Learning Center offers training in
23 programs covering various computer systems and
applications ranging from A+ Certification; Advanced
JavaScript Programming; Front Page 2000 Advanced;
and HTML 4.0 Programming (Level 1); to the entire Microsoft
Office Suite (Word, Access, Outlook, Power Point, and
Excel); the Windows 2000 Network and Operating Systems
Basic; Network+ Certification; and Windows 2000 for
Windows NT Administration.

The courses range in duration from 5 to
12 weeks depending on the level of the program or
application and the computer skills of the student. Classes
are offered weekdays, evenings and weekends.
Program costs vary from $1,500 to $3,000, again depending on
the class hours and the advanced level of the
systems or application to be taught. For specific class
schedule and per course cost, use contact numbers below.

There are no specific admission
requirements, but there are program pre-requisites depending
on the specific course.


Jeremiah Harvin

35A Courtland St.

Bridgeport, CT 06604


Training Direct, LLC, Bridgeport – The
school offers training in a variety of occupational
specialties ranging from Certified Nurse Aid, Medical
Insurance Billing & Coding, and Pharmacy
Technician to Paralegal, Veterinary Assistant, and
Hotel-Motel Management that lead to entry-level employment.
The school offers some of its training online and
some courses are taught on-site at the school facility.
Training Direct encourages independent computer
literacy for all its students.

  • Certified Nurse Aid
    - The school offers three separate courses in this
    occupational specialty ranging in duration from 3 weeks to
    13 weeks. The course content is consistent for all
    three courses. The only difference is the class schedule for
    weekdays, evenings or weekends. Total program cost
    is $1,295. Course is taught onsite.

  • Medical Insurance Billing and Coding
    - Training takes 26 weeks and classes are offered
    days, evenings and weekends. Total program cost is $695.
    Course is taught onsite.

  • Medical Office Assistant
    - Training takes 24 weeks. Total program cost is
    $695. Course is taught online via Internet connection or

  • Pharmacy Technician
    - Training takes 24 weeks. Total program cost is $695.
    Course is taught online via Internet connection or

  • Paralegal
    - Training for entry-level position in a law firm. Training
    takes 24 weeks. Total cost is $695. Course is
    taught online via Internet connection or onsite.

  • Veterinary Assistant
    - Training takes 26 weeks, including days, evenings and
    weekends. Total cost is $695 and is taught onsite.

  • Hotel-Motel Career Training
    - Training takes 26 weeks, offered weekdays,
    evenings and weekends. Total program cost is $695. Course is
    taught onsite.

Admission requirements: Students must be 18 years old, and possess a basic fluency in English.


Pamela Fortunato

Student Services Coordinator

3851 Main St.

Bridgeport, CT 06606


Valley Medical Institute, Trumbull -
Founded in 1994, the school has an enrollment of 300
students and offers training in two occupational specialties
– Certified Nurse’s Aide and Dental Assistant.

  • Dental Assistant Training
    - The Institute offers two training courses in
    this occupational skill set. The longer course is offered on
    weekends and takes 125 classroom hours over 4 months to
    complete. The shorter course takes 125 hours over two
    months with class held on weekdays and weekends. Admission
    requirements include: minimum age of l8, possession
    of high school diploma or GED. Those who have neither must
    take standardized entry exam approved by the
    Department of Education. Total program cost is $2,970.

  • Certified Nurse’s Aide Training
    - The course is given in the day and evenings and
    takes 100 hours to complete over one month. Admission
    requirements include: minimum age of l7, possession of high
    school diploma or GED. Students who have neither
    must take standardized entry exam approved by the Department
    of Education. Total program cost is $1,192.

The Institute
offers state radiology license test preparation assistance
for students who have received Dental Assistant


Thomas Masi


35 Nutmeg Drive

Trumbull, CT 06611