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The Adult Basic and Literacy collection addresses the needs of English speakers as well as non-native speakers.
The collection focuses on books for the general reader, including:

  • American and English classics
  • Dictionaries
  • Contemporary favorites that help improve reading comprehension
  • Wide selection of books on different subjects, including math, health, jobs, citizenship, etc.

The collection is located on the 3rd floor near the computer lab.
Our comprehensive collection for English language, including dictionaries, grammar books, TOEFL books on writing and other materials, is located in the lower level of the Main Library.

The Ferguson Library has wide variety of audio-visual materials for ESL learners: books & tapes or CD’s, TOEFL, American and English classics on tapes with booklets designed for ESL students, a great collection of DVD for ESL learners, and digital audio books, that you can download on your computer. Especially popular are the Pimsleur audio book courses with specialized instruction for native speakers of Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, German, or Brazilian Portuguese.

New Materials for Learning English at the Ferguson Library

ESL and Literacy Resources