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Social Security Confidentiality

  1. Policy
    It is the policy of the Ferguson Library to limit its acquisition and retention of social security numbers to the extent feasible in light of its business and legal obligations.
  2. Patrons
    The library no longer collects patron social security numbers.
  3. Vendors
    Acquisition and retention of social security numbers from vendors is limited to those vendors to whom the Library must issue an IRS Form 1099 at the end of the tax year. This information is maintained in the business office in lockable filing cabinets and access to such information is limited to administrative and business office personnel.
  4. Library Staff Members
    By law, it is necessary for the Library to acquire and maintain the social security numbers of staff members. This information is maintained in the business and personnel offices, in lockable filing cabinets. Access to this information is limited to the staff in these offices and to administrators and supervisors with a need to know. Social security numbers are also maintained digitally in the business office for payroll purposes. Access to this information is password-limited to staff members involved in the payroll process.
  5. Destruction of Social Security Number

    When social security number information becomes outdated or otherwise no longer needed, it will be disposed of in a manner that protects against unauthorized access. In the case of hard copies,  such information will be shredded and disposed of. In the case of digitally maintained information, it will be erased in a manner that  prevents retrieval by means of equipment controls.