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Patron Code of Conduct

Ferguson Library Public Behavior Policy

The Ferguson Public Library strives to meet the needs of a well-informed community by providing information and services that encourage life-long learning. Visitors will respect the rights of others to engage in the pursuit of library activities such as reading, studying, reviewing Library materials, and participating in Library programs or other services. Prohibited conduct includes:

  • Loud or prolonged conversation, singing, playing of audio equipment which disturbs others, or other noisy or boisterous activity.
  • Allowing cell phones to ring loudly or talking on cell phones. Silent texting is allowed. Cell phone calls are allowed only in designated areas.
  • Eating, drinking, displaying open food, or liquid containers unless done so in a specially designated area or authorized program of the Library.
  • Sleeping. Sleeping patrons may be awakened.
  • Use of abusive, threatening, harassing, or offensive language.
  • Physically abusing or assaulting other patrons or staff.
  • Running, rollerblading or skate boarding on Library premises.
  • Smoking, alcohol, weapons, and drugs are prohibited.
  • Using Library computers in a manner prohibited by The Ferguson Public Library “Internet Acceptable Use Agreement.”
  • Monopolizing Library space, seating, tables, bathrooms or equipment such as Library computers to the exclusion of other patrons and staff.
  • Obstructing aisles, walkways, or doors.
  • Damaging, defacing, stealing or destroying Library property or materials. All bags and other articles are subject to search by security and authorized personnel to discourage theft of materials and to assure compliance with checkout procedures.
  • Leaving personal belongings unattended. The Library is not responsible for stolen or lost property, and the Library shall not be used for storage of personal belongings.
  • Leaving children under the age of 8 unsupervised by an adult or other responsible caregiver who is age 12 or older.  See Section 53-21a of the Conn. General Statutes and Ferguson Library  on behavior and supervision of children, both of which are available at the children’s desk and circulation desk.
  • Soliciting, begging, and unauthorized selling.
  • Being less than fully clothed; shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Offensive and pervasive odors which are a nuisance to other patrons or staff.
  • Entering with animals, except certified assistance animals or those preapproved for Library programs.
  • Any conduct which unreasonably interferes with the ability of others to use the Library.

Violation of the rules may result in removal from the premises, or criminal prosecution. Suspension of a Library card for violation of these rules shall be in writing and emailed or sent to the patron’s address on file with the Library. A patron whose privileges have been limited, suspended or revoked may appeal to the Library President or his designee within ten (10) days from the date of the suspension or revocation. Approved by The Ferguson Library Board of Trustees April 24, 2012.