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Math/ Science


A +  Click Math Practice Tests - Practice thousands of math questions                                                                                                                                                                            
Ask Dr. Math - Ask Dr. Math your question or browse questions asked by others.                                           Bedtime Math- Offers a new math problem for kids to solve every night.                                                                                                                                                                         
Education Place - Looking for a place to sharpen your math skills? Practice here.
Fact Monster - Math, money, measurement, fractions and formulas - this site has it all
IXL Math - Practice age and grade appropriate math skills from Pre-K to grade 8
Math Magician - This math game from Oswego City School District (NY) offers timed
math games with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
Printable Math Worksheets - Practice online or print out worksheets to practice later.
Super Kids Math Worksheet Creator -Create your own math worksheets on everything from basic addition to fractions to telling time.
- Create an account, fill out your child's grade and this website takes care of everything else - including sending parents a progress report!


Biomes - Information about the world's 5 biomes:aquatic, deserts, forests, grasslands and tundra.
Children's Museum - The Children’s Museum, located in West Hartford,CT makes science and nature fun with wonderful exhibits and activities.
Dragonfly TV - This PBS program shows real kids doing real science experiments.
Cells Alive! - An interactive gallery of biology topics with definitions and explanations.
ESPECIES Electronic Fact Sheet - Learn all about the world’s endangered species from this Kids’ Planet website.
Hubble Telescope - Images from and information about the groundbreaking telescope.
Inventors and Inventions - A list of inventions and inventors compiled by Canterbury Public Library
National Geographic Kids - Web companion to the popular kids magazine, this site has information, games, quizzes, videos and more.
NASA Kids Club - The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s kids site.
Ology - The American Museum of Natural History’s kid site- with games, quizzes and tons of info.
Science Fair Central - Got a science project? Get inspiration and help from the Discovery Channel.
Scientific American - Online articles and interviews from Scientific American Magazine.
Star Child - Another great kid-friendly space site from NASA
The Why Files - Search the National Science Foundation’s Why Files and find out about science in the news.
SnowCrystals - All about snow crystals - what they are and where they come from.
Weather Wiz Kids - Weather information just right for kids.
World Wildlife Fund - Learn about endangered animals, play games and more on the WWF’s kid friendly fun zone.