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Connecticut State Government

 The Ferguson Library’s collection of Connecticut State Documents consists of cataloged and non-cataloged materials. The library’s holdings, located in the reference area on the second floor,  include documents from various state agencies in the social services, art, economic and agricultural sector.


State Publications

Connecticut Document Depository Libraries



Access to Digital Collection of Recent Connecticut State Documents To download the document click on the URL

Connecticut State Register & Manual - Factual information on the state of Connecticut and its government.
Public & Special Acts and General Statutes of Connecticut
State Building Code: 2005 Connecticut Supplement: Available for download.

Directories of State Officials and Agencies

State Government of Connecticut
Connecticut State Democratic Senators
Connecticut State Republican Senators
United States House members from Connecticut
Connecticut General Assembly - Statutes, legislative histories, members of the senate, all information pertaining to state government.
Connecticut Judicial Branch - Links to law libraries, judicial directories, educational resources for children, court opinions.
CT Mirror - Comprehensive guide to state elected officials and an evolving library of source documents from a variety of state agencies and outside organizations.
Piper Resources State and Government Information on the Net. - A directory of official state, county and city government websites.
Connecticut Network(CT-N)  - Connecticut Network is the citizen’s source for complete and balanced coverage of Connecticut state government and public policy.

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National Association of Counties
Connquest: CT State Information Online
League of Women Voters – CT
Connecticut Lottery
Connecticut State Library - A variety of library, information, archival, public records, museum, and administrative services for citizens of Connecticut, as well as for the employees and officials of all three branches of state government.
University of Connecticut Center for population - Community of scholars affiliated to promote population research, teaching, and faculty development at the University of Connecticut
Connecticut Town Profiles: Demographics, economics, education, housing, labor force and quality of life data about each town in Connecticut.