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Questions We Can Answer

Examples of questions we cannot answer:

Any question that starts out "I need some information about..." is probably too broad and too vague. Please be specific and detailed in your request.

"I want a copy of a death notice for a family member. His name was James Noonan and he died in Stamford in 1941."

We need to have a specific day, month and year to check local newspapers for any such
information. Also, we cannot provide in-depth genealogical research, but we have identified resources to help you in your search, "Genealogy".

"Can you send me some information about the textile industry?"

Since there are numerous books and Internet resources for such topics, we would expect you to do this basic research. We will try to answer a specific question, for example, about a specific company or person that had some link to Stamford or Connecticut.

"What are some interesting facts about Connecticut?"

We cannot research this type of question. We can confirm a fact, or give information on a particular fact. Please use historical chronologies for this type of information.

"What can you tell me about the Blizzard of ’88?"

We cannot research this type of question without some further specific information. Please be specific and detailed in your request.


Examples of questions we can answer:

"Who was mayor of Stamford in 1923?"

"Is there a city or telephone directory listing for William Brewer in Stamford in 1885?"

"How many people died in the Hartford Circus Fire on July 6, 1944?"

"Is the Stamford Trust Co. still in existence, if not, when did it close?"

"What was the headline of the Stamford Advocate for May 1,1952?"

“Can I get a copy of the Stamford High School Yearbook for 1960?”

“Who was the owner of the Yale & Towne Manufacturing Company?"

Questions on any Library events, programs, etc.