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Ask A Librarian

Our reference librarians can answer specific questions with brief, factual answers. We may also refer you to other sources. For answers to more complex questions or for research assistance, please stop in and see us.

Questions will be answered within 2-5 business days. Questions without contact information cannot be answered.

For immediate service during business hours, or if you do not have an email account, please call our Reference Desk at 203-351-8221/8222.


Please read these guidelines for submitting reference questions before using Ask a Librarian. If you request that we send your answer via mail or fax, please include your address.

Types of questions we can answer:

  • Brief questions that have a documented factual answer, such as a historical date or fact or the source of a quotation.
  • Requests for suggestions about appropriate sources to research a topic. List any resources that you have already consulted so we do not duplicate your attempts. We can suggest additional sources you might want to consult.

Types of questions we cannot answer:

  • Requests which require lengthy research.
  • Questions requiring legal or medical interpretation. We can recommend and provide sources of information you can consult, but the Library cannot offer guidance or opinion in regard to these questions.
  • Essays and school assignments. We can point you to information sources on your topic, but you will need to do the work of interpreting the resources and answering the question your teacher has assigned you.
  • Examples of questions we cannot answer

The Ferguson Library's primary responsibility for reference and bibliographic services is to the residents of Stamford, Connecticut, U.S.A. Requests from the Stamford community will be placed ahead of non-Connecticut patrons in the queue waiting for responses. We wish to assist you with your information needs, but we must request that you obtain information from your local libraries and resources when appropriate. For requests from outside the U.S., we can only process requests that are specific to our collections or are for unique information regarding Stamford.

(Don't forget to include your mailing address if you would like your information mailed to you.)
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