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Who Volunteers


Our volunteers are:

Dedicated, hard-working, and energetic. Some have been with us since the Book Shop opened as a single shelf, operating out of a shoebox, in 1987.  Others joined this month.  Of our present Book Shop volunteers, we are natives of nine different countries. We have 7 volunteers from India alone.  We range in age from 19 to our 80s. Some of us hold full time jobs, while others work part time, are disabled, home-makers, or retired.  Life jogs us into service: we have put our last child into kindergarten, or sent the youngest to college, just moved to the community, lost a job or a loved one.  Some are transitioning through from abroad.

What we have in common is that we all share a desire to give back to our community.  We find our work in the Book Shop rewarding.  We learn the trade, make friends, and yes, buy books.

Some Volunteer Profiles:

GretchenGretchen joined us in summer, 2010.  She is an emergency room nurse, and a black belt in karate.  An advertisement encouraging volunteerism motivated Gretchen to ask about helping in the Book Shop.  She had also been a patron of our Book Shop. Gretchen uses her wide reading knowledge to price and sort books.  She volunteers a flexible schedule, around her emergency room job.  Gretchen recently visited her family in the Philippines.  “I tell my work colleagues that I’m off to the library.  They think I must be studying, but I’m actually having lots of fun volunteering!”

KatheeKathee started in the winter of 2010.  She had just moved from Boston to launch a catering and personal chef business.  Kathee designs displays, tends shop, and sorts and prices books for us.  She reads two or three books per week, making her a perfect fit for our work.

HerbLouiseHerb and Louise joined us in the spring of 2008.  They work together.  Herb is a retired business school professor, while Louise’s career was in not-for-profit public relations, newsletter writing, and editing.  They have three children, and have recently welcomed into their family a new granddaughter, adopted from China. They help in every capacity, from cleaning, pricing, and sorting books, to shelving, and one-of-a-kind events like street fairs.

Swati joined us in summer, 2008.  She has run the shop, developed training materials, trained volunteers, crafted presentations, sorted, and shelved books.  In this time, she defended her thesis and got her Ph.D in education. She brought us baby Aanya in Nov, 2009 and has continued to give time at the Friends—“learning and enjoying every moment “.

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