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Donate Books/Materials

What To Donate

We accept gently used, saleable materials on all subjects: fiction, non-fiction, audiobooks on CD, music on CD, and movies on DVD and all children’s book, CD & DVD products.
CDs & DVDs must be in the original package. We do not sell bootleg or damaged copies.
We do not accept or sell VHS, cassettes or gift items. Items should be free of odor, mold, dust, dirt or water-damage. Items should not be yellowed, frayed, torn marked or chewed.

We accept textbooks that are current and relevant. We accept magazines that are of the current month/season. We do not accept nor sell encyclopedias or sets of old publication collections such as National Geographic.
We accept & sell books in all foreign languages.

We reserve the right to recycle in an environmentally responsible manner any item donated to us that we determine cannot be sold in our Book Shop.

Where to Bring Donations

We accept donations at either the Harry Bennett branch, 115 Vine Road and/or the Main Library downtown, One Public Library Plaza.
When leaving donations at either location of the Book Shop, please limit the drop-off to 2 grocery bags full (or 2 small cartons). If you have more than this amount, please bring them to the Main Library’s downtown loading dock off Spring Street behind the Library. We are better prepared to handle larger quantities from there.
If you need assistance with your donations in any way, please call us at 203-351-8278 and we will be happy to help. Feel free to leave a message and we will return your call promptly.

Tax Receipts Available

The Friends of Ferguson Library is a 501C(3) nonprofit organization. Receipts for tax donation purposes are available at both locations of our bookshop and at the Main Library loading dock.

Thank You

We appreciate your donations and thank you so much for giving back to your community. The sale of these donations supports Library programming for children, teens and adults.