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New Books - Fiction


All for Love

New literary fiction with a romantic theme, available from the Ferguson Library.

McQueen, Alison
Under the Jeweled Sky

British writer McQueen sets her latest novel in splendorous India and brings together Sophie Schofield, the daughter of a British doctor and his prudish wife, and Jag, the son of a Hindu bearer to the Maharaja. The story flows easily between 1947 and 1958 as the tale of these star-crossed lovers unfolds. Part mystery, part romance, the story defines love’s bond through time.  Source: Booklist, Dec 05, 2013


Spargo, R. Clifton
Beautiful Fools: The Last Affair of Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald

In 1939 Scott is living in Hollywood, a virulent alcoholic and deeply in debt. Despite his relationship with gossip columnist Sheila Graham, he remains fiercely loyal to Zelda, his soul mate and muse. In an attempt to fuse together their fractured marriage, Scott arranges a trip to Cuba. But even in paradise, the pair cannot escape the dangerous intensity of their relationship.  Source: From the Publisher


Greene, Thomas Christoper
The Headmaster’s Wife

Arthur Winthrop, headmaster of the Vermont-based Lancaster School, is found wandering around naked in snow-covered Central Park in New York City. In this brilliant story of a life gone awry, the reader is led to believe that the book will be the story of an ill-advised affair with a female student, but it is actually about the trajectory of Arthur's inauspicious marriage.  Source: Publishers Weekly, Nov 11, 2013


Hill, Katherine
The Violet Hour

The violet hour is that dusky moment between day and night when everything is in transition, as are the Greens. When rheumatologist Abe Green guides his new boat across San Francisco Bay with sculptress wife Cassandra and Harvard-bound daughter Elizabeth, he ends up in a bitter battle with the unfaithful Cassandra and leaps overboard, swimming away from his marriage.  Source: From the Publisher


Doughty, Louise
Apple Tree Yard

In this dark exploration of what happens when a woman's desire has disastrous consequences, Yvonne Carmichael is a staid genetic expert in her 50’s. When an exciting stranger strikes up a conversation, the attraction is immediate and visceral. He leads her to the Crypt Chapel and seduces her without even telling her his name. This is a thinking person’s Gone Girl with a British flavor.  Source: Library Journal, Nov 01, 2013


Horan, Nancy
Under the Wide and Starry Sky

This novel charts the relationship of Fanny Osbourne and Robert Louis Stevenson from their first meeting in France, where Fanny takes her two daughters after leaving her irresponsible, cheating husband.  Author Horan's empathy for both Louis and Fanny allows her to capture their life together with all the complexity and nuance of a real-life relationship.  Source: Publishers Weekly, Nov 25, 2013


Oliveira, Robin
I Always Loved You

Based on the life of the formidable American painter Mary Cassatt , this novel is historically and aesthetically rich.  When Cassatt insists on living in Paris among the impressionists, her concerned parents and loving sister join her there and are soon baffled by Cassatt's tempestuous interactions with her mercurial mentor, Edgar Degas.  Source: Booklist, Dec 15, 2013


Reay, Katherine
Dear Mr. Knightley

Orphaned at an early age, Samantha Moore comforts herself by escaping into classic novels. When an anonymous benefactor known only as Mr. Knightley offers to pay her way through a prestigious journalism school, the only condition is that she write regular letters to him. As she begins to find her own voice, her relationship with the mysterious Mr. Knightley deepens.  Source: Library Journal, Nov 15, 2013