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New Books - Fiction


Whodunit ??

Enjoy some of the best new mysteries, available from the Ferguson Library.

Hart, Ellen
The Old Deep and Dark

Hidden rooms, ghosts from a speakeasy, and long-buried skeletons in basement walls are all found in a historic theater.  When restaurateur and PI Jane Lawless investigates the death of a country music star, his death intersects with the discoveries in the theater. Adding to these complications, Jane's dad has a crush on the gorgeous suspect. Source: Booklist, Oct 01, 2014


McPherson, Catriona
A Deadly Measure of Brimstone

Dandy Gilver runs a detective agency in Scotland in the 1920s. She also manages, almost as an afterthought, a comfortable household with a husband, two sons, and servants.  When Dandy hears of an elderly woman who died under highly suspicious circumstances while visiting a health spa, she packs off her entire family to the spa. Source: Booklist, Nov 01, 2014


Hall, James W.
The Big Finish

A reclusive private eye gets a postcard from his adult son, pleading for help. The PI promptly heads to a huge North Carolina hog farm where several of his son's colleagues have been murdered. The search is quickly complicated by a crooked FBI agent, a murderous ex-con, and the vicious owners of the farm. Source: Library Journal, Nov 15, 2014


Higashino, Keigo

Novelist Kunihiko Hidaka is found murdered in his locked study. He is discovered by his wife, Rie, and his closest friend, Osamu Nonoguchi. Evidence leads the police to charge Nonoguchi with the murder. But the police won't bring the case to trial without knowing why Nonoguchi murdered him, and the accused refuses to explain. Source: Booklist, Sept 15, 2014


Kuhns, Eleanor
Cradle to Grave

Will Rees is adjusting to life on his Maine farm in 1797. His wife, Lydia, has just received a letter from her friend Mouse, a gentle woman who now lives in a Shaker community. To Lydia and Will’s astonishment, she's in trouble with the law. She's kidnapped five children, claiming that their mother, Maggie Whitney, is unfit to care for them. Source: From the Publisher


Margolin, Phillip
Woman With a Gun

Visiting an art museum displaying a retrospective of acclaimed photographer Kathy Moran's work, novelist Stacey Kim is stunned by the photo at the center of the show, the famous "Woman with a Gun," which won a Pulitzer Prize. Has the woman killed her husband on their wedding night? Is she going to commit suicide? Source: From the Publisher


Doiron, Paul
The Bone Orchard

Rule-breaker Mike Bowditch has left the Maine Warden Service to become a fishing guide. But when his mentor, Sergeant Kathy Frost, is shot by a sniper, Bowditch is drawn back into investigating like a moth to the flame. Bowditch knows he's onto something when her ever-inebriated brother swipes the only clue and disappears. Source: Booklist, July 01, 2014


Metzl, Jamie Frederic
Genesis Code

When reporter Dikran "Rich" Azadian tries to figure out who killed a college student, he finds a multilayered conspiracy involving genetic engineering, a powerful religious figure, shadowy government organizations, and a trail of dead bodies. Only by recruiting some unlikely allies can Rich put the pieces together. Source: Publishers Weekly, Sept 29, 2014