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New Books - Fiction


New Suspense Fiction

Enjoy some of the best new fiction, available from the Ferguson Library.


Burley, John
The Forgetting Place

When Dr. Lise Shields arrived at Menaker State Hospital  five years ago, she was warned that many of its patients, committed for perpetrating heinous crimes, would never leave.  But what happens when a place like Menaker is corrupted, when it becomes a tool to silence the innocent, conceal injustice, contain secrets?  Source: From the Publisher



Indridason, Arnaldur
Reykjavik Nights

Inspector Erlendu's first investigation as a rookie cop is an inquiry into the death of a homeless man he often met while wading through the night shift's drunk driver arrests and domestic violence calls. When the man’s body is found floating in a flooded peat field, he's disturbed by how quickly the death is ruled accidental.  Source: Booklist, March 15, 2015



Silva, Daniel
The English Spy

Master spy and art restorer par excellence Gabriel Allon and his wife, Chiara (pregnant with twins), discover a long-lost Caravaggio in sore need of repair. But soon he's called away to determine who masterminded the murder of the former wife of the future king of England aboard her pleasure yacht in the Caribbean.  Source: Booklist, July 01, 2015



Hogan, Phil
A Pleasure and a Calling

Real estate agent Mr. Heming has sold hundreds of homes in his quaint English village and, with copies of keys he makes of each, he revisits them often, unbeknownst to the homeowners.  His fetish appears harmless until an obsession with a particular young woman and a murder complicate things.  An entertaining psychological mystery.  Source: Library Journal, May 15, 2015



Stewart, Leah
The New Neighbor

Living a solitary life in her Tennessee lakeside home with her mystery paperbacks to keep her company, 90-year-old Margaret contrives to meet her new neighbor, Jennifer, a massage therapist with a young son.  Jennifer won't reveal her own secret history until Margaret's snooping and meddling bring it all crashing down on them.  Source: Library Journal, July 17, 2015



Hewitt, Jason
The Dynamite Room

Lydia has run away from her wartime foster family, only to find her seaside town abandoned and  her family home desolate and empty.  Heiden, a German soldier, arrives in the same night to occupy the house.  Over five days, Heiden keeps Lydia hostage while turning the house upside down in a search for documents.  Source: PW Annex Reviews, March 30, 2015



Stone, Jonathan
The Teller

Elaine Kelly struggles to take care of her dying mother while working as a bank teller, when, one day, she makes an impulsive decision that propels her into a living nightmare.  When an old man leaves the bank, he's struck by a truck which kills him instantly, and Elaine transfers over a million dollars into her own bank account.  Source: Library Journal, April 15, 2015



Heaberlin, Julia
Black-Eyed Susans

16-year-old Tessie Cartwright went missing and was subsequently found in a Texas wheat field covered by black-eyed Susans, barely alive. The traumatized Tessie testifies in the trial against an accused serial killer. Years later, someone someone plants black-eyed Susans in Tessie's yard, a possible taunt from the real perpetrator. Source: Publishers Weekly, May 11, 2015