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Book MobileThe Bookmobile is The Ferguson Library’s traveling branch, visiting neighborhoods throughout Stamford.

January and February schedule

For updates on emergency schedule changes, call the Bookmobile Hotline: 203-351-8282. Or you may reach the Bookmobile directly by calling the onboard cell phone: 203-667-4855.

Bookmobile Supervisor, Josephine Fulcher Anderson
203 351-8281

The Ferguson Library began Bookmobileservice in 1940. 

Book mobile in 1942


Here's what some of our users say about the Bookmobile:

"It's been a huge part of my life since the 1940s. When I was young, the books were on sloping shelves on the outside!" - Sheila Egan

"The children love it! It's a wonderful opportunity to introduce them to the library and borrowing and respecting books." - Kathy Goldberg

"It's our neighborhood library!" - Miriam Shaw

"It's my lifeline." - Selma Ruggiero